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About Francesca

I am very excited to be teaching at Milwaukie Pilates! I am currently in the teacher training program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO. It has been a dream of mine to teach Pilates since not long after I took my first Mat class four years ago near my former home on the Big Island, Hawaii.

I could tell after just a few sessions that my body felt different. I could breathe easier, my back felt freer and more flexible and my core felt stronger.

Pilates Teacher

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Pilates Teacher

Soon after I started practicing Pilates, the pandemic started. I began taking many classes online and trying out different instructors. After moving to Oregon 2 years ago, I was connected to Milwaukie Pilates and for the first time I was able to experience classical Pilates instruction. Through Sharon and Katie's guidance, I was able to begin my own teacher training and am fortunate to be learning the methodology that they learned.

More about me: I grew up on the East Coast in NYC and NJ. I moved to Big Island in my 20's and raised my three children there. I have worked as a certified Personal Trainer for the past 15 years and I love working 1:1 with clients and getting to know them and helping them achieve their goals.

I have always loved sports - especially surfing, kitesurfing, paddling and swimming while living in Hawaii. Since I've been in Oregon I am an avid Crossfitter, hiker and golfer.