We are looking for another experienced, comprehensively-trained teacher.  if interested, please get in touch!

Our Studio

About our Space

Milwaukie Pilates features abundant natural light and tall ceilings. The rooms are open and spacious, providing plenty of room to spread out.

Our convenient downtown Milwaukie location is easily accessible from the sidewalk on 21st Avenue.

Milwaukie Pilates Believes In...

Practicing Kindness

By prioritizing your wellness and having compassion for where you are in your unique fitness journey, you will experience benefits beyond what you realized was possible. This empowers you to be kinder to those around you. At Milwaukie Pilates, kindness is our guiding principle. 

Defining Your Own Health

We want to partner with you to explore what optimal health means to you so that your unique goals are clear. The path to achieve them will be our shared goal.


To honor the original intention of Pilates - to reach and improve the lives of everyone, we strive to have all that join us feel seen and heard.

We welcome all individuals looking to improve their health.

Welcoming All

Our Equipment

Our fantastic equipment is all from the CenterLine suite by Balanced Body. It was meticulously designed for classical Pilates. We have all the apparatus necessary to give us endless options to customize your practice. We're delighted to have the following pieces in our studio: 


Cadillac + Towers

Low Chairs


Foot & Toe Correctors

High Chair


Spine Corrector

Ladder Barrel

And More!

Covid-19 Safety

We prioritize our clients' safety; and we do all we can to provide a clean and well-ventilated space for practice. Our equipment is thoroughly wiped down with an effective, organic disinfectant between each use. We are fortunate to have many windows in our studio that we open to increase air circulation. We also run air filters. 

At this time, masks are optional at Milwaukie Pilates. We encourage our clients to make the right choice for them when it comes to masks. Our teachers are always willing to wear a mask if it makes the client feel more comfortable.